Simplify smart community consumer experience

Purposes of P-Device Systems is to provide disruptive software cloud platform as a service to mashup and connects things, apps, people, processes and contents to improve operational efficiency and simplify consumer experience.

 P-Device Systems achieve this by providing “Platform with Connected Device SDK” to OEMs/ODMS, Chipset vendors, Service Providers so that they will provide products and services to connected home consumer mass market and “IoT Cloud Gateway Solution” for smart Industrial& Energy vertical segment. IoT Cloud Gateway Solution enables smart enterprises to mashup, create and deliver services related to energy monitoring, facility monitoring, infotainment, home automation, security, safety, media share, communication and convenience in order to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and simplify user experience.

The IoT cloud gateway solution is free from scalability hassles and is available for customers through convenient pricing models. Through its best value for money proposition, the IoT cloud gateway solution enables our partners to increase their sales and enhance their brand value. In addition, this novel solution from P-Device Systems empowers smart communities, smart enterprises, service providers to conduct business by providing new, personalized and mashup services.

The vision of P-Device System’s is a single horizontal “Converged Cloud Platform” (CCP) for Internet of Everything (IOE) - connecting users, devices, apps, processes, contents and services via user’s stationary and mobile devices. The platform can be leveraged to meet all immediate and future needs of smart home, smart enterprises, street lights and other IoT applications. The platform delivers what the smart homes, smart communities and smart enterprises desire to provide in order to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, user experience and what the manufacturing industry & operators want to provide through open standards for convergence in telecom, wireless, home automation, building automation and internet arena in order to enhance operation efficiency and simplify consumer experience.

The immediate goal of P-Device Systems is to become a global leader in delivering “Scalable, Personalized and Aggregated Homespace” for consumers of residential complexes to simplify consumer experience & “connected device SDK” for OEMs/ODMs/Chip Vendors to connect the unconnected by the year 2015.

In addition to unified user experience & operational efficiency, P-Device software platform redefine convergence by mobilize the cloud technology convergence to access private, public & telco content and services related to communication(people), information(Social Apps & Data), m2m (IoT Applications) and entertainment (media & contents) to reduce cost of independent technologies.



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